1. The challenge starts 1st January 2012 and muct be completed by 12th December 2012.
  2. The orchestra must be a minimum of 30 musicians in size, and a maximum of 100.
  3. Shaun has to meet the musicians for the first time on the London Underground (and must be actively within the boundaries of the Underground station).
  4. The musician Shaun meets must be carrying their instrument (or part of it) when he meets them for the first time.
  5. Shaun must not know the musicians personally nor have met them or have communicated with them before. (i.e they must be complete strangers to him).
  6. Shaun is, however, allowed to pick musicians he currently works with, but they will not be included in the total orchestra count.
  7. The venue to be played at has to be from a list of 12 top venues agreed prior to the challenge.
  8. Shaun must compose all the original music himself (he still cannot read a note of music).
  9. If Shaun sees a musician on the London Underground, he HAS to speak to them.
  10. Shaun must contact each musician personally to recruit them. He cannot use mass mailouts, and must have personal one-to-one confirmation from the musician that they have signed up.
  11. Shaun must not include buskers performing within the London Underground, only musicians travelling as passengers. He is, however, allowed to recruit a busker who is travelling to and from their pitch.
  12. Shaun will ask the musicians he meets if they are interested in the challenge and will only provide further details to a musician that says "yes" or "maybe". If the musician says "no", he cannot continue explaining the challenge.