Are you a musician who's met Shaun on the underground?
If so, please e-mail him at stating where you met (he keeps a comprehensive list of all musicians he meets) and what you play. Shaun will then contact you with more info.

Are you a musician who wants to meet Shaun on the underground?
Unfortunately, Shaun cannot directly contact you to arrange meeting up. He has to meet strangers, and the moment he speaks/emails you in person, you'll no longer be a stranger. However, follow on Twitter or visit Shaun's blog for an up to date idea of where he will be. He may occasionally post up times and dates for underground visits or gigs.

For all press enquiries, please contact .

Are you someone wanting to assist in the project?
Contact with any details of what you would like to do to assist. There are many ways people can help, from donating (just giving page), to helping out with venues, rehearsal spaces, handing out flyers, to just simply spreading the word.

Do you have a question/issue with the website?
Contact with more information.