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DAYTRIPPERS - Registered Charity No: 1097313

"Helping Children with disabilities, life limiting or terminal illnesses"

Daytrippers was founded in 2003 to help children with disabilities, life limiting or terminal illnesses enjoy amazing experiences. To date we have helped over 19,000 children by either funding group daytrips or hosting their own larger scale events, encouraging the children and their parents to experience new and exciting environments whilst making friends.

Daytrippers continuously growing list of events includes; the UK's largest pan-disability football tournament, co-sponsoring London Zoo's Annual Special Children's Day, Oscar film premieres showcasing the children's own films and animations, multi sensory art and music workshops at Colourscape Festival, and a sought after private showing of the annual Christmas Pantomime at The Lyric Theatre.

Every penny donated is put straight towards a daytrip or event ensuring that as many disabled children as possible get out and about all over the UK.

If you would like to support Daytrippers by giving a financial donation then you can do so using the link below. If you are always on the move then a small text donation can be sent to us anywhere anytime... Just follow the instructions for amounts between £1 - £10.

A donation of between £10 - £30 will help pay for one disabled child and their carer to attend one of our annual events.


DONATE BY TEXT : Text DAYT36 £xx (replacing xx with any amount between 1 and 10) to this number: 70070.


Here at Daytrippers, we like to take a simple idea and turn it into something special. Specialising in a variety of fully accessible, fun events for disabled children and their families we offer experiences that otherwise might not be available.

When Daytrippers first heard about Shaun we realised he had set himself a huge musical challenge, against the odds considering he cannot read or write music. Not only does he have to meet each of his future musicians personally in the limited confines of the London Underground, but he has to engage them enough to get them to contribute in his challenge and play his music whilst never breaking one of his many set rules.

Daytrippers were inspired by this huge undertaking as the disabled children and their families that we work with also face many of their own challenges daily. We loved the similarity and wanted to celebrate it. We believe the 121212 Underground Challenge will make a huge impact with the story and bringing a community together, whilst having fun working hard towards making it happen.

The question is will Shaun succeed in rallying together and composing one of the most eclectic orchestras in London? Will they perform well together? We wait on pins and needles to find out.